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Your Local Business

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Founded at the turn of the millennium, A+ Garage Doors has become a leader in residential garage doors in the greater Portland, ME region. We've built our family-owned and operated company based on providing our customers with highly professional and reliable garage door repair and garage door installation services. A+ Garage Doors was born in the year 2000, when a team of contractors took on a part-time garage door business venture. It wasn't long before A+ became a full-time company, thriving and expanding. Over time, we have built collaborative relationships with our suppliers, construction companies, and commercial businesses - such as self-storage companies. Throughout the years, we've developed a reputation to be proud of. We provide superior, customer-oriented services that are always on time and always on budget. From Kennebunk, ME, to Lewiston, ME, your satisfaction is our utmost priority.

Your Local Family

When our beloved founder, Dale Burnell, retired just before the turn of the decade, he turned to his then right-hand-man, Adam McCorsion, and asked if he would be interested in carrying on the mantle of A+ Garage Doors. Adam, who had been working for Dale for a dozen years at this point, had developed a love and respect for this field and company. Faced with such an amazing opportunity, Adam brought the proposal home to his best friend, Kevin McLean, and his wife, Emily Saucier McCorison. And so A+ Garage Doors was reborn with a new generation of garage doorsmen at the helm. Our wonderful, long-standing contractors and customers have welcomed us with open arms and enthusiasm. The goal of our young family is to keep alive the quality, values, methods and traditions of A+ Garage Doors that were so kindly bequeathed to us by Dale's 40+ years of knowledge and experience in the garage door field. From this small Mainer family to yours, thank you for selecting A+ Garage Doors!